Gina G. Bennett

Gina holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington and her dissertation focused on the role of women as investors, manufacturers and merchants, and wayfarers associated with The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies in 1690s. In addition to researching in archives in Scotland, she also is an adjunct teaching […]

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Travel and Travail: Early Modern Women, English Drama, and the Wider World.

How do we assess women’s agency as “voluntary” and “involuntary” travelers? Furthermore, how do we understand “travel writing” as a genre with respect to early modern women’s contributions? What archival questions emerge from a discussion of early modern women’s distinctive modes of travel and/or forms of writing? (Akhimie and Andrea, 3) These are just some of […]

Approaching Public Engagement: Sharing Early Modern Women in a ‘Plus One’ World

In September 2017 a short piece of my work was published by as a foreshadowing of the conference papers being presented at the Invisible Hands: Reassessing the History of Work. I am reposting this blog from their page and am looking forward to presenting a portion of my dissertation in a paper titled, […]

Celebrate Me Home…

Home for the holidays, I believe I’ve missed each and every face, Come on and play my music, Let’s turn on the love light in the place It’s time I found myself, Totally surrounded in your circles Whoa, my friends Please, celebrate me home, Give me a number, Please, celebrate me home Play me one […]

Marriage, Life, and Suicide in the Gilded Age: Hattie Revealed

Written on the back of the palm-sized carte vista photograph, her words called out like pleas. Her fingers, arguably shaking, somehow managed to produce a scrolled message to her husband, George Nelson Bennett. She clung to the last remnants of her educated status with a penmanship, practiced and perfected throughout her forty-four years, writing: “Oh, […]

Chasing mermaids down “maremaid” holes…

I know I said the next time that I checked back in that I would have information and updates on digital history tools.  But those of you who know me will not be surprised to know that I have a penchant for chasing rabbit holes when they present themselves, and sometimes these research detours result in some […]

A week of data and history…

I find that every day I am handling more and more data connected to my dissertation.  And while all of these historical “golden tickets” are very exciting, managing the Excel spread sheets and social networks that connect the various historical breadcrumbs is becoming an increasing challenge.  The geographic expanse of Scotland, Africa, Central and North America necessitates that I […]

The Path To Here…

This morning while working on my research for a current project dealing with Dahomey (Benin), Sierra Leone, and Scotland, I am reminded that my first introduction to history came from the oral histories of my family.  But it also brings to mind that I was sometimes a reluctant participant to history.  Adults in the family swapped stories and their ramblings often […]