I find that every day I am handling more and more data connected to my dissertation.  And while all of these historical “golden tickets” are very exciting, managing the Excel spread sheets and social networks that connect the various historical breadcrumbs is becoming an increasing challenge.  The geographic expanse of Scotland, Africa, Central and North America necessitates that I throw a wide net across the Atlantic.  (Oh, and let’s include a touch or two of Spain in the mix, just for good measure.)

So this week I will challenge myself to download and learn Gephi so I can better track my migration networks. (Yep, and it is especially wise to do this while planning, prepping, and cooking for Thanksgiving week, right?! What was I thinking?)  I am looking forward to learning a new program to add to my tool box.  In a few months maybe it will become as much second nature as Zotero is for me now.

Here’s what they have to say about their product:  (Please note that I am NOT endorsing the company in any way, just passing along the information on it.)

“The goal is to help data analysts to make hypothesis, intuitively discover patterns, isolate structure singularities or faults during data sourcing. It is a complementary tool to traditional statistics, as visual thinking with interactive interfaces…”  Gephi.org

Yes, something to help visual learners deal with statistics…so far, I’m all in!

I have included a link to their video below for any peers who are interested.  I would love to hear from anyone who uses this or other systems in their own research.

https://player.vimeo.com/video/9726202“>Gephi video link

So we will see…maybe the next time I check in I will have some of my own data to share with the wider blogosphere!

Here’s hoping!

Watch this spot for future updates on my progress…